Introduction To Submission

Girl_and_HandcuffsThere are so many ways on how someone can introduce another person into the world of submission, I am going to walk you through the road of role-playing where the submissive party plays the role of a willing slave who is just starting to learn how to follow the master’s instructions. The master-slave relationship should be founded on trust and mutual agreement, but above all, it should be guided by respect.

When the master tells the slave to restrain from moving no matter what happens, that has to be the case or the master will have do something to make the slave follow his or her dictate. But always keep in mind that as newbies in this field of sexual adventure, keep your steps as little and slow through the learning process.

Master the “do-not-move act” until the slave completely feels delight and pleasure in following the master’s order. After the slave has familiarized with the feeling of trust generated by the do-not-move act, the master can now proceed to another avenue of submission.

The next path most advisable to take is the path of the “handcuffs”. I recently purchased these cute pearl handcuffs. Now no need to elaborate here. The slightest physical restraint caused by the handcuff-act will create a commotion of senses. Take caution as being hand-cuffed can make you feel extremely vulnerable – so only move onto this stage when your comfortable with the first stage of”do-not-move”

Caused by the knowledge that the submissive party, after the do-not-move-act, can easily follow instructions even without physical restrain; the hand cuff situation otherwise suggest that the slave may try to fight off but will not succeed. This creates a new situation and adventure that will benefit the slave more, than the master, when it comes to feelings and pleasure.