Terms and Conditions

Mistress Jane would like everyone to be crystal clear on the purpose and motives regarding ALL of the forums and content on this website.

ANY TYPE of abuse or the “non-consensual” abuse of men or women of all ages, fetish forum will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

ANY USERS of our site, members or nonmembers, that are posting, uploading images or movies which promote that type of conduct will be reported and banned.

NO PERSON should attempt to partake in any of the sexual acts covered on this website unless they are experienced, and know their limits.

They are fantasy only.
No one ever gets hurt.
Emotionally or Physically.

Above all, please try to remember, again this site is purely fantasy and is about exploring sexual interests. It is intended ONLY for those who enjoy that type of sexual behavior. If you are under 21, or anyone who is offended by human sexuality have a nice life.


  • I am over 21 years of age.
  • I am not accessing this site to obtain information or material to use against the owners/operators of this site.
  • This site and it’s contents will not be made available to minors.
  • I am aware of the laws of my county and state, and viewing of this material is not illegal in my location.
  • I understand that there are no federal laws prohibiting me, an adult, from viewing this website.
  • I am using Fetish Forum, dedicated to fantasy, and will not try to harm my self or others as a result of its influence.
  • All models are 18 or over.