The TEN most exciting sexual fantasies for women

img6Women are seduced more by the dreamy and romantic side of things, but they also have their own sexual fantasies

What do women fantasize about sexually? Dr Ruth Westheimer, aka Dr Ruth will reveal the ten female sexual fantasies; it may surprise you that these sexual fantasies are very similar to the sexual fantasies of men.

Thanks for the help in putting this together from a study by Sex Toys 24/7 and Frisky.

“Women are seduced more by the dreamer and romantic side of things, but other than that, they also have personal sexual fantasies. Surprisingly, the most exciting female fantasies are not very different from what men want in bed.”

If men and women share similar interests in sexual fantasies, why it is that we feel we have to hide them?

Is it normal? – As discussed here, it’s perfectly normal to have sexual fantasies.

After canvassing women, and, of course, through my personal experience, here are the ten most frequent sexual fantasies that women seem to have.


The ten most exciting sexual fantasies for women
Women can say whatever they want, but most women, at least, enjoy some of these fantasies, if not all of them.

I am very confused about a lesbian fantasy that many girls think it hot, but some others were totally against it. What the heck! I like it, so here are the best fantasies of women.


Sexual Fantasy 1: The Crime Fantasy
This may sound like something that would not excite women. However some dream of being forced on by a man, or fantasize about being taken to a room and being forced into having rough sex.

Women do like to dream about a guy who tears his Versace coat off and D&G shirt, and tears off their Victoria Secret underwear. However, for all men who are out there reading this article, do not even think to try to do that in real life. A woman does not want her man to do that to her and, of course, don’t even think of ripping her best dress off. Bound to be the most expensive one if you do and you will rejected in a flash.


Sexual Fantasy 2: Being a stripper
Wasn’t that a fantasy that men have?
What woman would not want to be a stripper? Give her a few drinks and if she could, she would get to the table, taking garment after garment off. However, most women do not do that, even after drinking a whole bottle.

So it is just best to only dream about making everyone in the bar horny and crazy for you. They especially love to think of a masculine man writing a note and slipping in their underwear as they get the audience all riled up. Women feel a bit uncomfortable talking about it with their man, but I believe they should. These two fantasies would go hand and hand.


Sexual Fantasy 3. Role Playing
Most women wonder what it would be to be like to be in the man’s shoes. More precisely they wonder how it would be to put on a pair of men’s boxers. A woman is usually excited with stories that would have her wearing a long coat on bare skin, grabbing a man hard from behind and penetrating him.

For a man, this female fantasy is not that exciting. Actually as a man you may not like it too much, unless you have some homosexual tendencies, or unless you are willing to walk with pain in the ass in the morning.

Sometimes using toys can be helpful in living out this kind of fantasy – for example these kinds of fetish sex toys.


Sexual Fantasy 4. Group sex
This is one of the most common fantasies for women and men. Men get excited just thinking about a threesome, we already know this. However, does the same happen to women?

Surprisingly, women do have the same fantasy. Unlike men, women do not want an Asian, a blonde girl with long hair, and things like that. What excites women is her boyfriend’s best friend or her best friend’s husband.

Yes, most women love to think about sitting on their boyfriend’s best friend’s lap and shake her groove thang’.


Sexual Fantasy 5. A beautiful woman
Not all women accept this controversial female sexual fantasy, but many women secretly fantasize about having a physical relationship with a good looking girl or a very sensual woman. Maybe a famous actress or a girl who dresses well at work, can you believe it? It is true!

Women fantasize about what it would be like to be with someone of the same sex, someone who knows what and how they want to be touched and will make them orgasm.

If in your case, as a woman, you have not thought of making love to a famous actress, I know you have found the body of a woman to be the most attractive you have seen. All men think about that. Moreover, they would love to hook up with another girl. If a woman has not had sex with another woman, you can probably always change their mind with some effort.

Sexual Fantasy 6. Exhibitionism
Many fantasies for women include being partially naked, to show off their body. Many women fantasize about having sex in public, where people can see they are having sexual intercourse.


The closest thing to this female fantasy is to show a stranger more than a leg, more than cleavage, and recognize how that person gets excited. The erotic and provocative exhibitionism is one of the female sexual fantasies that can be more exciting to her significant other; this can encourage a sex partner more if accompanied by some dirty talk between yourselves.

Sexual Fantasy 7. Being submissive
Women like to be occasionally dominated when they are enjoying a night of passionate sex with a partner. Sometimes a strong and masculine man makes a woman tremble in a sexual way. She will like to be treated as a child, at his will, and that can lead to incredible sex.

Never do anything to your partner without first getting their consent.
A woman fantasizes that her man will tell her what to do in bed. Wants to feel dominated, that her husband will tell her “move like a whore for me.” “behave like a whore in bed.” Believe me, that excites both parties.

Although it sounds like the fantasy of a man, what the woman does during this act, is her fantasy. Some women say they want to be the ones in charge and that their man should be the submissive. Some girls also say they like the opposite, whatever their master orders makes them happy, and they expect to be punished.

Sexual Fantasy 8. Domination


This is a change of roles for the submissive lover. Some women like to dominate men, instead of being always dominated by men. They imagine what they could do to enjoy all kinds of crazy things with their men when they are not in control.

This includes tying him down and having her way with him. Forcing him to perform sexual acts with her, what she says goes!

Sexual Fantasy 9. A stranger in the bedroom
Women say they do not like to be touched by strangers, this can cause displeasure, but silently they seem to love the idea of this. It is a very feminine fantasy.

The idea of meeting a stranger for a night of great sex, where she can do anything and everything she wants, you can see how this thought can make her really hot.

Many women want to talk about some things in bed but worry too much about what their man would think of their fantasy. An encounter with a stranger, at least in her head takes down many of these walls and inhibitions.

Sexual Fantasy 10. Come get me, boys!


This fantasy involves several men touching a woman at the same time. She can dream of being surrounded by several men kissing, touching and seducing her at the same time.

Each woman has her favorite sexual number in mind; she would be surrounded by two or three men or by many more, touching her skin.
Women do not have this sexual dream all the time in their heads, but they expect it to become a reality some day. They just cannot help but wonder how they would feel.

Of course, there are many more female erotic fantasies, and there are always other sexual fantasies that will excite some women more than others. However, while you are having fun with your man, you will still think about that every once in a while.

If you do not know if your guy would enjoy these female fantasies, why not ask him? You will never know until you make the suggestion. Moreover, in any case, the fantasies of women and men are not entirely different, right?

Doctor Ruth Westheimer